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Moriah Cleaning Solutions LLC

Sport Court Carolina, Inc. 

418 Crompton St

Charlotte,  NC, 28273

Office: (704) 926-4072

Blair Barbee | Moriah Adminstrative Manager

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5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Flint Ridge Baptist Church in Heath Springs S.C. has a basketball court, not hardwood, some type of rubber??.
    We have a Gansy 451-S25 cleaning machine but manual does not say what type of cleaning
    Solutions to use. When to use red pad? Deep cleaning? Do we use the same cleaner in halls with vinyl
    Floors. Me have some in gallon jugs , do not have name with me at home now. Manual say use 2 oz. per gallon. Could someone tell us best cleaner to use? Is this phone number we use to order from?

  2. Earl,
    The cleaner you need for rubber is called Blue Con you can use it on the VCT or vinyl floors also. Red pad is safe to use on most types of flooring it is soft enought as to not scratch the surface while removing dirt. For VCT or deep cleaning you can use G.O.C. Great Orange Cleaner put it down and let it soak 10 – 15 minutes then scrub and pick up using the auto scrubber or mop. dont let it dry or you will have to start again. You can order on the web store and we ship most orders within 24 – 48 hours. call my cell if you need more info 704-239-4900 Dave

  3. I found your information in a folder when you sold floor care for our field house floor sold to us by Chesapeake Court Builders, Inc.
    I am trying to locate a tile that was damaged on the floor.It is one of the solid tiles that is surrounded by the waffle tiles. Do you know who I can contact about replacement? Our school is located in Annapolis Maryland.

  4. The dealer in your area is Sport Court of Washington DC (703) 690-7678 Sport Court of Washington, Phone

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