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Wrangler 1503 AB Auto Scrubber (15″) Battery Powered

Ergonomic design, simple operation and a compact body make
the Wrangler 1503 AB the best value in micro scrubbers.

Designed for applications less than 10,000 square feet (930 square
meters), this Wrangler is perfectly sized for restrooms, convenience
stores, and nursing home rooms. They are also ideal for larger facilities
with confined areas, such as grocery store checkout aisles, school
cafeterias, commercial kitchens, and hospital rooms.

The Wrangler 1503 AB features 3.7-gallon (14 liters) solution and
4.2 (16 liters) recovery tanks, a generous capacity for an automatic
scrubber this size.

The squeegee is located directly behind the scrub deck. The squeegee
assembly swings freely around the scrub deck to improve solution
recovery, even in tight turns.

The Wrangler 1503 is available with a 15-inch (38.5 cm) scrubbing path
in either battery-powered (AB) or cord-electric (AE) models.
The on-board charger, standard on all battery-powered Wrangler
automatic scrubbers, allows the batteries to be charged anywhere an
electrical outlet is available.

Please call 704 926 4072 for freight quote.

Click here to view product PDF.

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